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Lacole’s training strategy is unlike any other on the market today: It addresses the transient decrease in the performance capabilities of muscles. This is usually evident by the inability to maintain and develop a certain expected force – or power – while training. As no two bodies are alike, and each person brings a different fitness level to the table, programs will vary depending on the individual for whom it is designed. It works by constantly changing existing methods, movements, and exercise styles: This will ultimately confuse your muscles and force them to respond more rapidly. These techniques consist of – but are not limited to – stability, strength, power, and endurance training.
Meet Lacole Broadus – A Mom with a trademark compulsion for fit families, men, and women who want to drop the weight and keep the curves too! Her reputation is rapidly becoming legendary – and rightly so. Lacole is creating a health transformation for weight loss and full living too. Her approaches don’t  dance around the role of fitness in disease management and she fully embraces the ‘sexy’ of those who want to be Red Carpet ready. Her clients are people of all professions, and she has a confirmed program for children (teens, tweens, and pre-school) who gladly endorse her passion, purpose, and lasting impact on their lives. Lacole Broadus is President of the F.I.T. foundation (families-in-training), a certified fitness instructor, pro-figure competitor, and professional contributor to Health Monitor, Real Health, and sought-after speaker for corporate events, women’s conferences, and a classic on on-line radio.

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