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Lacole B’s trademark compulsion for fitfamilies is rapidly becoming legendary – and rightly so. She has a proven track record for losing weight and keeping the curves too! Lacole is a mom and successful business woman creating health transformation for weight loss and full living too. Her approaches don’t dance around the role of fitness in disease management and she fully embraces the ‘sexy’ of those who want to be Red Carpet ready. Her clients are women, Moms, men, athletes, and a confirmed program for children who are teens, tweens, and pre-school too. This is just the surface of a woman who can transform the health conversation at your next event. Lacole is recreating the evolution of healthy living with compulsion. Her family has been dedicated to fitness for more than 20 years, but her own burning passion for changing lives came to its pinnacle for massive action nearly ten years ago – when she faced her own health crisis. After the birth of her 3rd child via Caesarean birth, she was unable to work out and take off the weight. She explored surgical options, only to find that she would still need to wait almost a year because she had to demonstrate that she could lose some of the weight naturally.

Every time she stared at the scales, the scales would stare back –giving her a clear picture. Each time she saw a woman who was quickly ballooning to a dangerously unhealthy weight with no clear end in sight. Soon, she faced a shocking reality –she as barely even able to exercise for three minutes!

How could she possibly lose weight when she could hardly do anything physically active? It was then that Lacole began a journey –a compulsive journey –to search for and discover the truth of a balanced life, one that would help her shed pounds, strengthen her spirit, and give her the reality she wanted for herself. She discovered that every health crisis has a physical and nutritional response that creates an ‘empowered life’– but the information for this transformation is not widely known or understood. After mastering these components, she was able to lose 65 punds in 6 weeks and now implements them in her programs with her clients. We call this The Lacole Factor.

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